Monday, October 24, 2011

Assignment #4 and slides from last meeting

Hi all,

sorry for the delay.

Here are Peter Kalmus's slides about LIGO and SGRs: download slides

Assignment #4: download

Links to papers / videos:

About Swift and GRBs:

NASA/Sonoma web page on gamma-ray burst:
Gamma-Ray Bursts: Accumulating Afterglow Implications, Progenitor Clues, and Prospects, by Peter Mészáros (appeared in Science Magazine, January 2001)

Short Gamma-Ray Bursts, by Stephan Rosswog (appeared in Scinece Magazine, January 2004): 

A very good year for explosions, by Robert Irion (appeared in Science Magazine, January 2006) on a series of discoveries on (short) GRBs made in 2005.


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